Evolution of the central Texas shoreface

Cross-section of profile 1, located offshore Matagorda Peninsula. Shoreface 1, shoreface 2 and the bounding surfaces are shown. Deposition of Shoreface 1 occurred between 8,000 to 4,500 years BP, based on correlation to Sabine Bank, offshore east Texas. Shoreface 1 is contained within the transgressive systems tract. A rapid rise in sea level occurred about 4,000 years BP associated with ravinement surface 2. From 3,500 years BP to present the modern highstand shoreface 2 has prograded and downlapped onto marine and distal lower shoreface sediments.

Near-shore core dataset

Evolution of the Central Texas shoreface
Central Texas versus East Texas shoreface preservation potential

Offshore dataset

Highstand systems tract

Lowstand systems tract

Transgressive systems tract

Controlling factors on shoreline configuration

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