Central Texas offshore dataset

The offshore dataset consists of 1200 km of 2-D seismic data and 68 platform boring descriptions. Preliminary interpretations of the seismic dataset were performed by Eckles (1996) and Eckels et al (2004). She mapped the gross depositional environments during the highstand and transgressive systems tracts. The map below shows the depositional environment map of Stage 5e from Eckles (1996) and Eckels et al (2004).

Eckles (1996) found that prograding shorelines occurred within the highstand systems tract. The sand-prone shorelines prograded to mid-shelf with coeval mud-prone deposits offshore.

The current study focuses on a detailed reconstruction of deposition from Stage 5e to present (the last glacial eustatic cycle) incorporating additional platform boring descriptions as well as seismic a lithologic ties to east and south Texas datasets. Deposition offshore central Texas occurred during the highstand systems tract, lowstand systems tract, and the transgressive systems tract.

Near-shore core dataset

Evolution of the Central Texas shoreface
Central Texas versus East Texas shoreface preservation potential

Offshore dataset

Highstand systems tract

Lowstand systems tract

Transgressive systems tract

Controlling factors on shoreline configuration

Gulf Bottom Imagemap