Dip seismic line 15 displays the erosional character of the Stage 2 sequence boundary on the inner shelf at the base of an incision that probably transported lowstand deposits to the outer shelf.

Line 16/116 is a strike line from the inner shelf that displays an example of Hst 1. The line also shows the truncation associated with the Stage 2 sequence boundary, the chaotic pattern of Lst 1, the Stage 2 to 1 transgressive surface, and the parallel to sub-parallel reflection configuration of Tst 1. (2sb=Stage 2 sequence boundary; ts = Stage 2 to 1 transgressive surface; 2sb-ts = amalgamated Stage 2 sequence boundary and ts; 5cmfs = maximum flooding surface associated with Stage 5c; 5emfs-5d = amalgamated Stage 5d and 5e maximum flooding surface; Lst 1 = lowstand system tract unit 1; Tst 1 = transgressive system tract unit 1).
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