Dr. John B. Anderson

Current Students

Jessie Maddox (MA) Jessie received her BS in Geology from Millsaps College where she did her honors thesis on the distribution of heavy metals in fine grain sediment along Soda Butte Creek, Yellowstone National Park. She arrived at Rice in the fall of 2002. Her research focuses on understanding the Holocene evolution of the Lavaca and Matagorda Bay system along the central Texas coast. Email

Alexander Simms (PhD) Alex received his bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University . His senior thesis work focused on downstream fining on the South Canadian River of central Oklahoma. He also did some work on modeling fluid flow in the Edwards Aquifer of central Texas. He interned at Phillips Petroleum. He started at Rice in the fall of 2001 and plans on working on the Holocene evolution of Corpus Christi Bay. Email

Patrick Taha (PhD) Patrick received his BS in geology from Illinois State University in 1996 and his MS in geophysics from Wright State University in 1998. He then spent three years working as a seismic processor at PGS Tensor. Patrick came to Rice in the fall of 2001. His interests are in siliclastic sequence stratigraphy and he plans on comparing diffent incised valleys from the Pleistocene of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Patrick has interned at Conoco. Email

Kristy Tramp (PhD) Kristy's current research interests include understanding the Holocene and Late Pleistocene stratigraphic and climatic evolution of two estuaries in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Kristy received her BS in Environmental Studies with a Geology emphasis from the University of Nebraska in 1998 and her MS in Geology from the University of Oklahoma in 2000. Her past research interests include Holocene sea level change and preserved stratigraphy of a back barrier system of North Padre Island, Texas; and early Permian glacio-climatic fluctuations preserved in paleosols of the Maroon Formation loessite, Colorado. Her previous work experience includes 3 years with Marathon Oil Company as an exploration geologist on the West Africa-Angola team. Kristy arrived at Rice University in May of 2003. Email

Past Students

Dr. Ken Abdulah--Pioneer Resources (Dallas)

Dr. Laura Banfield--BP (Houston)

Dr. Phil Bart--Associate Professor, Louisiana State University

Dr. Lou Bartek--Associate Professor, University of North Carolina

Dr. John Bradford--Research Scientist, University of Idaho

Ms. Michelle Fassell Cook--(Aberdeen)

Ms. Brenda Eckles--BP (London)

Dr. Carmen Fraticelli--ExxonMobil (Houston)

Mr. Mike Hamilton--Attorney (Los Angeles)

Ms. Jennifer (Snow) Petersen--BP (Anchorage)

Dr. Antonio Rodriguez--Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

Ms. Sabrina Sarzalejo--Researcher, McMaster University (Ontario)

Dr. Fernando Siringan--Professor, University of the Philippines

Dr. Mark Thomas--Shell (Houston)

Dr. Julia Smith Wellner--Post-doc, Rice University

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